Curator Sasha Karpova
Exhibition of Qi Qiao's drawings "Bunnyfish"


BunnyFish is a mythical creature that appeared on the border of cultures and united features of absolutely different creatures - rabbit and fish. It seems to embody the very idea of multiculturalism, visualizing simultaneous coexistence of different national traditions, philosophical doctrines and ideological concepts in our global world. What is important for the artist, it is not just coexistence, but an amicable symbiosis that allows to preserve the identity of each cultural unit. It may seem to be an utopian idea, but Tsi Tsiao proves its viability by her own example.

She first drew BunnyFish in 2010, when she came from China to Paris to study European art. Having plunged into the world of museums, art galleries, the series of vernissages, she began to feel overwhelmed by a wave of a peculiar art-ocean, and she still continues to swim along its stream today. The beginning of Qi's artictic creativity coincided with the birth of this rabbit-mermaid, which combined two significant cultural codes: the Chinese zodiac sign of her birth year, and the feeling of active bohemian life in France that in her mind became associated with the image of a quick and elusive fish. Living in Paris, she continues to feel like a Chinese woman, who is proud of her origins and uses motives typical for her native country in her ouvre. That is why her work allows us not only to follow the transformations of the character she created, as phantasmagoric as Cheburashka, but also to see the Chinese tradition of drawing asquiring a new reading in the field of European contemporary art.